Service Types

  • SIP: Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP, is the newest form of VoiP service. It can be implemented in a “Hosted” option where the phone system is cloud based. This is a good option for single phones needing to be connected together without any central location.
  • PRI: The most common form of business phone lines. Offers great saving for ordering multiple lines. Also has many features not provided by simple analog lines.
  • VoiP: A common alternative for homes. Often offering unlimited long distance and very cheap international rates. Requires internet service.
  • Analog: An ordinary phone line provided by the phone company. Most often found in homes.

Phone Systems

  • Avaya: Excellent for businesses needing to monitor or supervise, such as call centers.
  • ESI: Great for small and medium businesses. These easy to use systems are praised by many of our customers.
  • Panasonic: Our #1 selling phone system for homes.
  • NEC: Popular home and small business services.