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Exacq is our preferred IP security camera management software. It allows you to connect to many sites and easily view them in one application. It has a full featured client so the user doesn’t have to use any specific web browser or plugin. It is extremely easy to learn how to use because it is so intuitive.


Hemispheric cameras

The single best technology to be introduced to the security camera industry since night vision. Able to view and record an entire room with one single camera. Its extremely wide angle lens allows it to be mounted to the ceiling and viewed in a full 360° around the camera. This eliminates the cost of purchasing multiple cameras and multiple licenses for each camera. Also, opposed to PTZ cameras these hemispheric cameras record in every direction at all times. So even if you had your view aimed in a particular direction, you can go to playback and move the view to the spot you missed. You may also have several different views of the same camera that have been “dewarped” to look like normal single focus cameras.



Here are some of our cabling jobs we have done in the past.


Phone Systems

Here you can see some examples of the different phone systems we use. Avaya, Panasonic, and ESI. Our customers can see them all and tell us which ones they like best.