• Wireless: Security Encryption, Signal Extenders, Wireless Printing, assessment for Wired vs. Wireless installations
  • Security: We can ensure your sensitive information is protected by isolating and eliminating weak points in your network.
  • Office Connectivity: VPN connections allow secure tunnels between private networks over the internet. Work from home!
  • Media Sharing: We can set up sharing between all your devices. View pictures and movies from your phone on your TV.


Small Business

  • Wireless: We can provide a public wireless network for customers. Full PCI compliance for credit card authorizations.
  • Office Networking: Not only can we connect your entire office building together, we can connect multiple buildings together.
  • Server Administration: We can set-up and maintain servers of many types. Both remotely and directly.
  • Internet Lockdown: We can keep the office productive by blocking any sites not required. (except this one)



  • Customization: For our Enterprise clients we build full site profiles, blueprints, diagrams, and layouts.
  • Support: We also offer 24/7 support maintenance contracts for clients requiring minimal downtime. Please call our office for any needs.