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Culver City California Creeper

Once again we see the value of a good security camera system. Today’s lesson takes us to PhonesUSAplus’ hometown of Culver City, CA (technically we’re in L.A. but who cares?).  Get schooled.

They're still looking for the guy.

They’re still looking for the guy.



Do proposals like this one from San Jose, California represent an unprecedented level of cooperation with law enforcement? Or a grave breach of privacy? The debate goes on. Would you voluntarily let law enforcement keep the images from your security cameras? It’d be interesting to have a poll on this.

Pros and cons...

Pros and cons…

No Fight Club

Read up on Kinect technology and how it can be used on security cameras to automatically detect fights.

"Hey, you two! We see you. Cut the karate!"

“Hey, you two! We see you. Enough with the kung fu!”

ASIS 2013 and Panasonic’s new goodies

See this detailed overview of the new security cam tech on display in Panasonic’s booth at this year’s ASIS International.

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Exacq and ELERTS integration

Exacq has announced that it is integrating with ELERTS for easier, instant assessment and reporting of suspicious incidents.  Paragraph three tells you how it uses GPS and the cloud to work its magic.

"ELERTS away!"

“ELERTS away!”