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Phone System Security

Read up on “Threats to VoIP and What to Do about Them” in this Tek-Tips whitepaper. (Free registration required.)


a simple avaya post

Today’s post is a simple one: Avaya’s phone system product page. Simple yet useful. Avaya phones are top quality, ideal for large and midsize businesses, good for homes and small businesses as well, and come with a plethora–yes, a plethora–of options.


A how-to on scaling your phone system

How big/small is too big/small for your home/business? Find out in this informative whitepaper from Tek-Tips. (Free registration required.)


Avaya Gets Kudos for Customer Service

Avaya Receives NorthFace ScoreBoard Award for Delivering ‘World-Class’ Customer Service

See more here at Avaya’s newsroom website.


Now these are some satisfied customers!

Now these are some satisfied customers!

The LAX Shooting and a Broken Phone System

“One of the officials likened the situation to a 911 call but police not knowing what address to go to.”


The value of a good phone system and a good emergency plan cannot be understated. Strong and secure communication lifelines are vital in the all-too-common crazed lone gunman scenario as well as in natural disasters like fires and earthquakes.


Avaya Continues SMB its smb push

See this blurb detailing Avaya’s continuing efforts to reach out to small and midsize businesses.

avaya logo


White Paper on Switching Phone Systems

See some expert advice on the process of switching phone systems and choosing the best one. (Free registration required.)


Avaya Contact Center

Read this news release about Avaya’s IP Office Contact Center for midsize businesses. It includes several quotes about Avaya’s product from midsize business leaders.



Avaya Sochi Extravaganza of Olympian Proportions

Here’s a blast from the very recent past about a fabulous event taking place in the very near future!

This article from December details Avaya’s herculean work “on [Wi-Fi] a network capable of handling up to 54Tbps of traffic when the Winter Olympics opens on Feb. 7 in the Russian city of Sochi.” Take a look!



Avaya Reaches for the Little Guy

See this brief news item for an explanation of Avaya’s goals for the small and medium business (SMB) market.