February, 2014

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The LAX Shooting and a Broken Phone System

“One of the officials likened the situation to a 911 call but police not knowing what address to go to.”


The value of a good phone system and a good emergency plan cannot be understated. Strong and secure communication lifelines are vital in the all-too-common crazed lone gunman scenario as well as in natural disasters like fires and earthquakes.


Avaya Continues SMB its smb push

See this blurb detailing Avaya’s continuing efforts to reach out to small and midsize businesses.

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A SIP Primer

Courtesy of ESI, a primer on SIP trunking technology.


Bus Security in Motown

Detroit will be adding cameras to its buses in an effort to increase passenger and operator security in the wake of the cash-strapped city’s cutbacks in public safety expenditures.



“ESI executive has extensive industry experience in sales management, national and international channel management, product management and marketing.” For more on George Platt, see here.esi-logo

White Paper on Switching Phone Systems

See some expert advice on the process of switching phone systems and choosing the best one. (Free registration required.)


Snow Plowed

A surveillance camera at a Brooklyn, NY car dealership showroom caught the unluckiest man of the wee hours getting smashed by a wall of ice. See here for a description and some vids.



Culver City California Creeper

Once again we see the value of a good security camera system. Today’s lesson takes us to PhonesUSAplus’ hometown of Culver City, CA (technically we’re in L.A. but who cares?).  Get schooled.

They're still looking for the guy.

They’re still looking for the guy.