January, 2014

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Avaya Contact Center

Read this news release about Avaya’s IP Office Contact Center for midsize businesses. It includes several quotes about Avaya’s product from midsize business leaders.




Do proposals like this one from San Jose, California represent an unprecedented level of cooperation with law enforcement? Or a grave breach of privacy? The debate goes on. Would you voluntarily let law enforcement keep the images from your security cameras? It’d be interesting to have a poll on this.

Pros and cons...

Pros and cons…

Philly & Panasonic Team Up

“Panasonic said Wednesday that it has reached a deal with the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles franchise to provide the highest definition LED video display boards in the NFL throughout Lincoln Financial Field.” Read more here.


Logitech’s New People-Bringer-Together Device

Logitech launches a camera that turns any place into a video collaboration room.


“Low touch, white glove”

Take a peek at telecom expert David Byrd’s blog, where he shares his take on the delicate balance between human and automated customer support services in today’s business environment .


Avaya Sochi Extravaganza of Olympian Proportions

Here’s a blast from the very recent past about a fabulous event taking place in the very near future!

This article from December details Avaya’s herculean work “on [Wi-Fi] a network capable of handling up to 54Tbps of traffic when the Winter Olympics opens on Feb. 7 in the Russian city of Sochi.” Take a look!



A Nice Calendar

Happy New Years, faithful blogospheric readers!

Panasonic and UNESCO have teamed up for the fourth time since 2010 to create a World Heritage calendar app. Take a look at it here.

Year-round beauty.

Year-round beauty.

No Fight Club

Read up on Kinect technology and how it can be used on security cameras to automatically detect fights.

"Hey, you two! We see you. Cut the karate!"

“Hey, you two! We see you. Enough with the kung fu!”