October, 2013

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Rob Lowe & Panasonic

What do Rob Lowe and Panasonic have in common? Not much, except they both like Panasonic phones. Check out this video of Lowe extolling the benefits of a Panasonic home phone system.

(Rob Lowe does not necessarily endorse this video of Rob Lowe.)

Surveillance in Fremont

An interesting article about the California city of Fremont’s plan to install surveillance cameras around town. It is one of many debates occurring in the country about the balance between security and privacy.


The unblinking eye.

The unblinking eye.

Avaya Videoconferencing

Avaya videoconferencing named “a strong performer.”


Delivery Accountability

Take a look at this video showing a postal worker’s quarter-hearted attempt to deliver a package to someone’s doorstep. The great part? The security cameras caught it all. This went viral soon after being uploaded.

Avaya acquires ITNavigator

Find out more about this exciting new development here.

  • Acquisition bolsters Collaborative Cloud (UC/CC) offerings with cloud-based social media monitoring, end-to-end management and unified reporting
  • Will strengthen and simplify Contact Center solutions for interaction, experience and performance management
  • Solutions support heterogeneous and hybrid Cloud environments as well as premises-based deployments.