April, 2013

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CCTV Road Rage

A security camera in a Beverly Hills alley caught some two- vs. four-wheel action footage early this month. A case of road rage went too far when a bicyclist punched the driver of a BMW in the face during a heated argument. The driver responded by trying to run him over.


How does this relate to our enterprise?

A comment on one of the many online articles about this incident remarked on the low quality of the security camera footage. To paraphrase: “This is 2013 for crying out loud, couldn’t whoever owns the property invest in a decent camera system?”

If the answer is yes, and we think it’s worth it, then the property owner should take a look at IP cameras. The biggest difference between IP and analog is resolution. You want a crisper, clearer, even color image of whatever’s going on in the alley behind your store? Go IP.

If you have a bit, here’s a clip of some industry professionals proving why IP cameras are the way to go.

The Rise of IP Cameras

Check out this link to an article about the future of security camera technology. Our sharp-eyed sources tell us that the advantages of sharper, more efficient, more cost effective cameras cannot be underestimated.

The future is staring at you with its LED eyes.

The future is staring at you with its LED eyes.


Here’s a small piece of good news: Security cameras played an integral role in the arrest of a suspect earlier today, according to this report from USA Today.

Investigators gathered a plethora of evidence from various surveillance sources:

“CNN’s John King quotes the sources as saying that surveillance video from a nearby Lord & Taylor department store was key in the investigation. ‘The camera from Lord & Taylor is the best source of video so far,’ said Dot Joyce, a spokeswoman for Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino tells the Boston Globe. ‘All I know is that they are making progress.'”

We are sending our love to Boston.

**NOTE: Later reports from today have stated that no suspect has been arrested yet, but rather two persons of interest are being sought thanks at least in part to security footage.**