CCTV Road Rage

A security camera in a Beverly Hills alley caught some two- vs. four-wheel action footage early this month. A case of road rage went too far when a bicyclist punched the driver of a BMW in the face during a heated argument. The driver responded by trying to run him over.


How does this relate to our enterprise?

A comment on one of the many online articles about this incident remarked on the low quality of the security camera footage. To paraphrase: “This is 2013 for crying out loud, couldn’t whoever owns the property invest in a decent camera system?”

If the answer is yes, and we think it’s worth it, then the property owner should take a look at IP cameras. The biggest difference between IP and analog is resolution. You want a crisper, clearer, even color image of whatever’s going on in the alley behind your store? Go IP.

If you have a bit, here’s a clip of some industry professionals proving why IP cameras are the way to go.

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