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For more than twenty-seven years PhonesUSAplus, a respected force in the telecommunications industry, has enjoyed a spotless track record. We specialize in business and residential Phone Systems, Data Networks, Surveillance Cameras, Telephone Entry Systems, VoIP Solutions, Skype Integration with Business Phone Systems, Sales, Installation and Cabling, adds, and Moves and Changes.

From day one, PhonesUSAplus does as much as it can for their clients, rather than as little as can be gotten away with—which is far too often the case.

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For over one hundred years, AT&T was one of the largest companies in the world. It employed over one million people, exercising virtual control over US telecommunications. However, the 1984 passage of the United States Telecommunications Act broke up the vast monopoly AT&T enjoyed. The AT&T we once knew ceased to exist. It no longer provides and installs phone systems, yet, the need has intensified.

Once having only the “Phone Company” to rely on, consumers are now forced to depend on a multitude of independent companies and contractors, some unlicensed and working out of the trunks of their cars, to fulfill their needs. Customers are left on their own to find support wherever they can, a largely hit and miss ordeal.

For the first time in history, telephones are being plugged into something other than the phone company’s “copper” networks. Computers, software and the internet, not phone jacks, are opening up a revolutionary industry to connect to. People are witnessing dramatically altered ways to interact with Voice, Video, and Data from a variety of sources. Richer content, higher bandwidth, and compelling technologies are shaking things up as you read this.

Telephony, Data, Video, and the Internet can easily be called the digital nervous-system and backbone of global commerce. Converging technologies are becoming increasingly more important. These vast arrays of new technologies require advanced installation and support capabilities, which are becoming increasingly difficult to find. PhonesUSAplus actively works to fill this void by providing a wide range of products and services, with comprehensive consulting, sales, installation, training and support for these new, cutting edge, converging technologies.

Information technology, much like medical or legal advice, accounting, graphic arts and other complex disciplines, is not inherently a do-it-yourself endeavor. Small to medium sized companies cannot always afford to retain their own, in-house, technical support personnel and require an appropriately integrated organization to provide these essential services

PhonesUSAplus is a nationwide, trusted ally and strategic partner. We provide, install and maintain converging Data, Voice, Video and VoIP hardware and software, for both residential and business applications, providing the necessary technical service and support to ensure its success in this endeavor.